48 Leicester Square, London


This development, once the headquarters of the Automobile Association, has been designed by Make, and will retain parts of the façade of the existing building, capped with a new contemporary bladed roof structure.

The design for this historic landmark on Leicester Square will give the building a new breath of life and will unlock the tremendous potential of its central London location. While the 1920s building has many attractive features, it has been refurbished several times and is poorly composed and badly in need of repair.

In addition to 90,000sq of new built offices there will be three floors of new retail and restaurant space to serve an estimated 37 million people visiting Leicester Square every year.

The interior and upper parts of the building will be extensively redeveloped by adding a new core, new floorplates, a new top floor with accommodations and a new roof. The elegant new curved roof will enclose the upper floors, offering a unique twenty-first century interpretation of the traditional London mansard style. Construction is expected to start later this year, with completion in early 2016.