Company History

Schneider began as a small carpenter's shop, founded by Mathias Schneider in Randenweiler in 1919.

1919 Foundation of the company Schneider by Mathias Schneider in Randenweiler
1950 Foundation of the current company, Gebrüder Schneider. Manufacture of wooden windows for large buildings
1962 Move to current head office in Stimpfach
1964 Start of wood-aluminium window production
1980 Introduction of electronic data processing
1981 Commissioning of the new Werk II production facility – Start of manufacture of aluminium windows and facades
1984 Start of metalworking in Werk II
1985 Introduction of computer-aided design (CAD)
1986 Foundation of the Gebrüder Schneider sales company in London. Window and facade elements are exported to neighbouring European countries.
1990 Erection of a fully-automatic high rack warehouse between the two production facilities, Werk I and Werk II
1991 Foundation of Radeburger Fensterbau GmbH in Bärwalde
1993 Foundation of Grupa Schneider Systemy Budowlane Sp. z o.o in Poland
1995 Start of steel-aluminium-glass facade production
2001 Start producing heating facades (German Chancellery)
2002 Foundation of Rapid Calau GmbH in Calau
2004 3D CAD construktion
2007 Restructuring of the business relationships of Schneider Holding GmbH. After a long career, Alfons Schneider retires from the company.
2008 EC certificate of conformity structural glazing
2009 RAL certification
2009 Foundation of Schneider Steel Construction GmbH in Radeburg
2010 GS wood alu G30 F30 fire safety admission
2013 3D bended convex and concave wood alu-SG-(double-)elementfacade
2014 2014 Foundation of Schneider Façades Sàrl in Strasbourg
2015 Gebrüder Schneider FCS® and PEFCTM chain of custody certification